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If you are a client looking for a mortgage broker in your area or if you are a mortgage broker looking for visibility in your region, you have found what you are looking for.


Mortgage Broker Spot is a great and simple way to connect people who are looking for the best mortgage with the best rates available for them and the mortgage broker that will offer the best variety of mortgage loan. We are proud to deliver with the Mortgage Broker Spot website a great service to the Canadian customers looking for the options that will enable them to get the best mortgage rate available on the market.

What if I am looking for a mortgage broker?

This platform allows you to search for a mortgage broker easily by entering one or many of the following search criteria: your city, your postal code, the keywords you are looking for and the maximum distance you would accept for your mortgage broker to be from the location you entered. This service is completely free. Find the morgage broker that is best for you, you have access to their full mortgage broker spot profile including a description, address, phone number, website and a map indicating where the broker is located.

What if I am a mortgage broker? 

The mortgage broker spot canadian directory website is a great way to get more visibility to your potential canadian custommers. Client are looking for mortgage brokers that are in there area this is why the mortgage broker spot site allows the users to search a mortgage broker by city or even by postal code. Mortgage Broker Spot is well referenced on all search engines and will allow the canadian mortgage brokers to be visible for the wide canadian market. if you are interested to add yourself or a member of your member of your mortgage broker agency as a mortgage broker in the Mortgage Broker Spot website, all you need to do is click Add a mortgage broker in the top menu and follow the instructioins.

There are two benefits of adding your mortgage broker information to a site like Mortgage Broker Spot. The first one like we said before is to get some visibility from people in your area that came accross our site in the different search engine by searching terms like: Mortgage broker canada; Mortgage broker Toronto; Mortgage broker Montreal; Etc. The second one is to add credibility to your own mortgage broker website, this is achieved by doing Search Engine Optimization most commonly known as SEO. The single most important aspect in SEO is to gather a good number of reffering sites that are relevant to your site's content, in this case the mortgage broker field of expertise. It is essential for you to get good reffering sites to your own mortgage broker website in order to increase the traffic on your site, Mortgage Broker Spot is one step in the right direction for your site's popularity. Since the content of Mortgage Broker Spot is exclusive to what every mortgage broker will explain an describe in their own site this give more weight to the refferal that Mortgage Broker Spot will give to you unlike the referral of classified ads or any other unrelated website. In order to get a refferal link to your website you need to subscribe to the affordable silver or gold membership of the Mortgage Broker Spot directory.

Can Mortgage Broker Spot include a website backlink in my profile? 

Yes. If you have a personnal mortgage broker website, a corporate page site or a social media profile like Facebook, Linked in, Google + and you want to increase the visibility and credibility of your site, their are two Morgage Broker Spot membership that will allow you to include those refferal links. The Pro and the Premium membership both include mortgage broker website link and social media refferal links. They bothp include 1 listing, for each listing you will be able to enter a website reference link and social media web adresses.

Wich mortgage broker agency is the best ?

There are many good mortgage broker agencies and many good mortgage brokers in each one of them. The idea is to look at the different mortgage broker profile in your area and read the description to see if the product that the broker is offering is in line with wath you need. Make a list of possible mortgage brokers, look at there website and see how professionnal it looks and filter down until you have a list of 3 to 4 mortgage broker. You can then make a quick call to each mortgage broker to find the one wich you feel the most comfortable  talking to, this will help you if you feel you can ask all the question you want concerning the mortgage process and after all this is often one of the most important transaction one will ever do. To help you, here is a list of the most important mortgage broker agencies in Canada.

Axiom Mortgage Mortgage Architectets
Centum Mortgage Multi-Pret Hypothèques
Dominion Lending The Mortgage Centre
Invis True North Mortgage
Mortgage Alliance Verico






Do mortgage broker charge a fee ? 

No, usually not for residential loans but for commercial buildings the mortgage broker does not get any commission from the financial institution and the mortgege broker will need to include a brokerage fee in the contract wil will be disclosed beforehand.