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This guide will give you the information needed to add a mortgage broker listing to the directory.

Step 1 - Register to here

The registration will give you access to the site and will give you control over your membership and let you create and modify your listings. A validation email will be sent to your email address following the registration. You will need to follow the link on the validation email before you can access the site. 

Step 2 - Login to your profile

Using the credentials you just entered for the registration you need to access your profile. This will give you access to the user menu that will give you all you need to buy your membership and create you listings. Here is an example of the menu. It is located on the left side of the page.

 Step 3 - Purchase a membership

3.1 In order to create a membership you need to click on "My memberships" in the User Menu which will bring you to the membership page and click "Purchase membership" 


3.2 You will now need to choose between the 2 following memberships. The Pro or the Premium membership will both enable you to create a mortgage broker listing. The premium membership will make you appear in 5 categories instead of 1 (The first category is the province and the other categories are cities where you can contract mortgages). The premium membership will make your listing "Featured" wich will make your listing appear first in the search results page where you are displayed. Here is an example of the memberchip selection page. Click on the "BUY NOW" button of the membership you want.



3.3 You will then be redirected to the paypal site to confim the order. If you have a paypal account you can just "Login" to your account and process the order. If you do not have a paypal account you can just enter your payment information by the "credit or debit card" link (see both options below)

* Once your payment is completed our team will be notified and we will proceed with the confirmation of your order. Once the order is confirmed you will receive an email that will confirm your order. You can now login to your profile and will see all the detailed information of your order and membership (See below). You will then be able to continue with the last step of the process which is the creation of your mortgage broker listing.


 Step 4 - Create a mortgage broker listing

Click the "Create a listing" link in order to fill all the information concerning your mortgage broker listing. The information is pretty straight forward. If the cities you are working in are not in the list, you can just add them at the end of the description and we will add them to your profile for you. 

Once you have entered all the information simply click the "Submit" button and your profile will be sent to our team for review. You will received an email once your listing is active.



Thank you !

The Mortgage Broker Spot Team